Custom Tailored Labels was born as the solution to a problem. At our parent company Revel Nail, we were motivated to succeed, but soon came across a challenge. We needed labels for our products but couldn’t find a company that could keep up with our changing needs, fast pace, and limited budget.


February of 2019

Revel Nail, a dip powder manufacturer, decided to purchase their very own label printer. They managed to meet their ever-changing needs with the printer, but why stop there?

August 2019

It didn’t take long for Revel Nail to see what this printer could do, not only for them but for every other business out there with the desire to succeed. Revel Nail decided to create its own label company. It wasn’t an easy task, they had many meetings and after each one, the idea came to life, Custom Tailored Labels.

January 2020

As Custom Tailored Labels, we started searching for a printer that could handle the workload of our new goals, we knew we needed a printer that could print higher quality, at higher speeds, and with a large variety of materials. Having this in mind, we finally managed to get our hands on a water-based inkjet printer that would have a die-cutting system implemented into it. It is a Flexographic Press, our beloved Big Betty, named rightfully so after Revel Nail’s first big line powder filler, Big Bob.

April 2020

After acquiring Big Betty, Custom Tailored Labels, CTL for short, spent the ensuing months learning the ins and outs of the machine. It was no easy task due to the COVID-19 Pandemic occurring at the same time, but it wasn’t enough to stop us. We were determined. As difficult as it was at times, we knew that it was worth it.

May 2020

After gaining a certain mastery over Big Betty, CTL was fully operational. We started providing thousands of labels for our parent company, Revel Nail, in a matter of days as well as obtaining our first few customers. We started off small, but now we’re well on our way towards bigger and better things and we’re not stopping there.

While sticking with our initial idea to create a streamlined business that was stress-free and greatly accessible to small and medium businesses. Now, we are also focusing on bringing you products of high quality, custom tailored to your budget and needs, while being fast and easy to obtain. This is not your typical 100% satisfaction guaranteed, it’s ours because we do not settle for less.