label companies in illinoisTreat your products to custom labels that do your inventory justice! The best products in the world remain on the shelves without the right product appeal, so our goal at Custom Tailored Labels is to help your inventory shine. We have an amazing variety of custom labels to choose from and offer our personalized design experience in an ongoing effort to improve brand recognition with the best product labels in Illinois.


Make the custom labels your own on our convenient website. Our full-service label-making capabilities set our label companies apart; from our simplified artwork uploading and pre-made label designs to detailed graphic design services for unique custom label creation, we do our best to provide a turn-key label service that makes it easy to elevate your brand’s potential.

Choose From The Following Labels:

  • Round Labels
  • Square Labels
  • Rectangle Labels
  • Custom Shape Labels

Enhance Inventory with High-Quality Custom Stickers in Illinois

Pick a size, shape, or create a custom sticker with any of the amazing materials we offer. We only provide custom stickers designed to last; our production process involves a consistent adhesive application, utilizes durable materials, and comes with available waterproof or removable sticker options.

Quality & Professional Product Labels in Chicago

Our custom labels adapt to your product needs on every level. We hope to become stress-reducing allies as we simplify updated product lines, and are happy to accommodate your label application processes for a seamless transition to new inventory labeling. All of our custom labels are available in hand application sticker rolls, or you can select from our personalized copy positions if your business operates an automatic label machine.

custom labels chicagoEnhance Inventory with High-Quality Custom Stickers in Illinois

Whichever size, shape, or design brings out the best in your product’s features, you can take every label to the next level with exclusive material options in Chicago, like:

  • Glossy BOPP
  • Natural Brown Paper
  • Clear Glossy Laminate
  • Gold Glitter Laminate
  • Premium Metalized PET
  • Premium Classic Linen
  • & More Elegant Material Options...


Our Label Company Can Work With You to Fit Your Budget & Needs

Along with creating modern labels that captivate new customers, our label companies’ discounted bulk custom labels accommodate tight budgets and lead to cost savings over DIY labeling strategies. You can buy up to 25,000 custom labels in Ohio or Illinois at once, and with our rapid sticker fulfillment direct to your door, refreshing your branding while protecting your budget is easily accomplished.


If your business is hoping to improve branding in Illinois with sleek product styling, work with our label companies’ design team to discover a better label. When you trust our team to come up with an exciting new label, you can expect:

  • Label Creation That Harmonizes with Products’ Features
  • Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Labels
  • Company Vision Represented with Professionalism
  • Clear Communication & Beautiful Renderings
  • Excellent Customer Service & Friendly Guidance
  • & More…

We’ve provided companies across Illinois with a range of custom shape labels. If you have an exciting idea for a unique shape or style, we’re more than happy to provide precision sticker shaping. Exciting label shaping is the perfect way to highlight your brand and adds an element of professionalism to every product wrapped in our high-quality labels.

Contact Our Professionals for Label Assistance in Chicago Today

We are motivated to provide unparalleled sticker assistance in Illinois. Our team is passionate about the label service we provide and is committed to guaranteed quality control with every batch. We’re not satisfied with the final product until you are, and hope to provide your company with complete confidence in our services by never compromising on the professional labels supplied.

Whatever phase of business growth you’re in, our affordable stickers in Chicago bring out the best in every brand. All of our finished products feature well-defined logos, bold colors, and vivid text. Whether you want to purchase pre-made designs infused with uploaded artwork, or need guidance with an entirely new label design, our Chicago label professionals are here to help your brand succeed.

If you have any questions about our quality labels or design opportunities, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance. We’re excited to help your business in Chicago improve brand awareness through custom labels!