Custom Tailored Labels specializes in pressure adhesive labels. "Pressure adhesive" is just a technical way of saying stickers. Our materials have adhesive on one side, and when the backing is removed the sticker or label can be applied by simply pressing it to the surface. 

Labels/stickers are very popular, but not limited to the food industry, cosmetic industry, household decor and personal use.

Reasons for getting Labels for your business:

Product Quality:

- Labels can help your product with that final touch in it's product quality. Having well designed labels can be the difference between an average product and a product that stands out. Looks are an important element when it comes to purchasing products and give off a strong sense of quality.

Brand Awarness: 

- A good trait of a professional business is it's brand awarness. Having well designed labels can show customers how intune a professional owner is with it's business goals. Having labels that fall into a line of strong branding in your products, looks great not only for you, but for your business and your products.

Marketing Aesthetics:

- Having well designed labels can raise the bar in your product line to make them look more uniform and well thought of. Labels can also define collection sets within your product lines and products you would only release on a seasonal event if used correctly.


We offer the following two options:

- Hire our Graphic Designer
     If you have determined design elements you would like to incorporate into your labels you can hire our Graphic Designer to put them together for you. This will add a Design Fee to your order.

- Designer Studio Tool
    Our website offers a user friendly Designer Studio tool before checking out. Here you will be able to use a library of built in images or upload your own images. Editing tools are also available in this tool for you to create an image if you did not have one at no extra cost.

Our website offers two different options when it comes to adding your artwork:

- You can create your own artwork by using our user friendly Designer Studio.
   Here you will be able to use a library of built in images or upload your own images. Editing tools are also available in this tool for you to create an image if you did not have one.

- You can submit preexisting artwork.
If you already have artwork of your own (logo/icon, text designs, package designs, etc.) you can submit it before checking out.
   When submitting an order, click the "Upload Desing" button. After clicking, select the file you wish to upload and proceed to check out.

We accept the following file formats:

High Resolution Pictures = .JPEG, .JPG or .PNG (PNG are pictures with transparency).
    -Desired resolutions would be anything above 1280 x 720 px and 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). Please make sure the artwork submitted has enough resolution as it could affect the print quality.

Adobe Illustrator = .Ai (Vector Graphics)

Scalable Vector Graphics = .SVG (Vector Graphics)

Adobe PDF = .PDF (Containing files mentioned above.)

Zip Files = Multiple files compressed (Containing files menitoned above.)





We print in the Stanrdard CMYK format, but can closely match a Pantone Color of your choice. If you would like to specify a Pantone color or CMYK values, please include that in the notes section when placing an order.

NOTE: Even Pantone Colors and CMYK values will look slightly different in a physical print in comparison to a Digital Computer Screen.


Artwork must contain a minimum of 1/8 inches of bleed (0.125).

No, we are NOT responsible for any spelling mistakes or incorrect information on your label.

Please make sure to review your artwork for ANY mistakes before submitting it, as well as reviwing the artwork again once you recieve our Digital Proof.

The largest label size we recommend is 8 x 13 inches (wide by long).

If you're pringint anything larger than this, please contact us for review.


We can only produce one design per roll of labels. If you would like to place an order with multiple designs, each design will have to be on its own roll.


Our labels will adhere to plastic, glass, wood, paper, and metal. Labels can be stuck to wax, though they are easy to pull off. Keep in mind that some labels will not stick to frozen surfaces. You will need to remove the frozen item from the freezer and get it closer to room temperature before applying the label.

Make sure that your surface is clean and completely free of moisture before applying the label. Extreme temperatures will also make label application more difficult. Some labels are better suited for different surfaces. See our label descriptions for more information!

The site currently supports eight major and popular print products as listed. We are shortly going to introduce more products like logos/mailing labels, vinyl stickers, catalogs, banners, calendars, door hangers and raised ink cards.

There are three options for designing and customizing a product. Click a product on the left-hand panel and choose one of the options.

1. Custom Design: lets you customize the products. Click it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: using this option, you can upload your own JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF and PSD images.

3. Browse Design: use this to select hundreds of pre-loaded templates. Work on them or customize them through our design studio.

The type of paper used for difference purposes is expressed in weight. In the countries following the European system, it is grammes per square metre (gsm or g/mor simply g) and in the US system it is Pound (lb).

The paper used for writing/printing (letterheads and such stationery) is generally between 60 to 120 gsm (20 to 70 lb) and is called the paper or text stock. Anything heavier than this is considered the card stock, i.e. the paper used for business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc.

Coated papers are available in two finishes – glossy (shiny and smooth) and matt (flat and lusterless). Coated glossy papers reflect the light evenly so they are suitable for almost all types of printing jobs. Glossy papers have a good ink holdout, which is important for creating sharp, bright images.

All of our labels without laminate can be written on. Labels with laminate can be written on, but they may smear or wipe off.

For any label that has the potential to become wet or placed in a harsh environment, we suggest using lamination to protect the label and ensure the quality of the artwork.

For products that will be frozen, we recommend using our White BOPP label. However, when applying the labels, you will need to remove the frozen item from the freezer and get it closer to room temperature before applying the label.

We do not recommend placing labels in the microwave or oven. Adhesives may melt and release an odor when being placed in extreme heat. Also, the quality of the label cannot be guaranteed in extreme temperatures.

The shelf life of most label materials when stored at room temperature and dry conditions, or length of time the label the material can be stored before use, is 1 year. The service life of a label, after the label has been applied, varies greatly depending on what the label is applied to and the conditions of the surrounding environment. If the label is going to be applied and expected to deal with extreme circumstances, please mention that in the “Notes” section on the ordering page so that we can better assist in suggesting materials.

Please contact us if you are not pleased with your finished product. We will do our best to correct any quality issues as fast as possible at no charge to the customer. However, we do not refund or reprint an order due to non-quality issues. For example, if a customer decides to change any details of an order or cancel the order after it is already in production.

Each of our label finishes and label materials is listed in our Label Material Descriptions located on our Home Page.


We try to make the colors on the proof as accurate as possible to the printed product, however, colors display differently from one monitor to another depending on color calibration settings and light. We cannot guarantee the colors will be exact, but if you provide CMYK values or specific Pantone colors the color accuracy will increase. 

We will send you a proof of your labels within 2 business days (M-F, excluding holidays).

You can take however long you need but note that we will not start production until after the proof is approved.

We will send you an updated proof within 2 business days after receiving your new design.

Please contact us immediately if you would like to change your label design after approving your proof. If we have started production it may be too late to change your order.

We aim for 100% satisfaction, if you are not happy with your labels please contact us at (856) 481-1519 or


CMYK values and Pantone values

We have accurately mapped color pallet to match RGB (Red, Green and Blue) to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) to ensure proper 4-color printing.

300 dpi (dots per inch) is the resolution of the output PDF file.

Offset Printing

Offset printing provides the highest quality of print material for both text and images.


Prices from the online calculator are estimates based on the size and quantity of your selected labels. This price is not final and could change if a special material or cut is needed. Please note this price does not take shipping costs or taxes into consideration.


Our minimum order is 50 labels per proof. Please note multiple designs or shapes will need to be split up.

At this time we do not offer samples, but please contact us if you have something specific you would like to see.

Usually, we add a small buffer of extra labels. However, you will only be charged for the number of labels that you have ordered, and we will never ship you less than the amount you have requested.

Yes! Please reference the Copy Positions banner on our homepage for more details. During checkout select "machine applied" and you will have the option to choose a copy position. 

You can contact customer service by emailing us at

You can email us at Orders may only be canceled before production begins. Once production has started we will not be able to offer a refund.


The cost of shipping is $9.99 per order in the continental US. Any order over $500 qualifies for free shipping. International shipping costs will vary depending on destination and calculated after proof approval. 

All orders will be processed and shipped out within 3 business days from the day proofs are approved and payment is complete. Shipping times may vary depending on location.

At this time, we do not offer pick-ups at our facility.