How to Decide What Label Is Best for Your ProductsChoosing what kind of label to use for your company isn't always easy. There are so many shapes, materials, and sizes from which to choose. If you choose the wrong one, then it can impact how your customers react to it. They may not be as attracted to the label as you want them to be. At Custom Tailored Labels, we can help. Here's how to decide what label is best for your products.


1. Consider the Whole Packaging Design


It's easy to get caught up in the design of the label and forget how it looks with the rest of the packaging. In some cases, less is more.


A package that is already full of colors and eye-catching designs may not need a large or vibrant label. The packaging takes care of it instead. In this case, a sleek label can add some professionalism to your package.


The opposite may be true if you have a bland packaging design. A striking label that uses a lot of colors or a unique shape can bring attention to your product.


Knowing how the label fits in with the rest of the packaging design can help you choose the right one.


2. A Larger Label Size Supports a Larger Graphics and Logo


The size of the label also determines how well your logo or graphic is seen. If you put a lot of money and effort into your logo, then that's something you should show off.


A small label won't cut it. You need something large to give the logo the respect that it deserves.


One of the cool aspects of Custom Tailored Labels is that we offer custom product labels in New Jersey. We can make a design for your label that's completely customized to your design or logo.


A custom label makes your product stand out from the crowd.


3. Use a Material That Makes Sense


The material of your label is also important. If you're a company that sells natural or green products, then it only makes sense that your label should be something recyclable like paper.


If you want to catch a customer's eye, then you may want to try laminated or glossy labels. They shine in the light and stand out from other labels.


Knowing how the material can reflect upon your company and brand voice can help you choose the right label.

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