What Kind of Labels Do We Make?

A presentation of your products speaks volumes about your business whether you promote them at a fair, in a shop, or online. Despite often only being seen as a means of protecting and carrying products, the packaging is an important tool for standing out and creating a memorable first experience with your brand.

Approximately 32 percent of people will not buy a product if the label is not appealing, and 60 percent will not buy a product that doesn't provide enough information. Various types of labels can be found across the board.

Importance of Labels

Labels are materials (from paper to metal) that have graphics and text attached to them and contain information about the product: its manufacturer, its name, its ingredients, its weight, its advantages, its applications, etc. The following are reasons you need labels:

Provides information on the product

The label lets us know when milk will expire, what fabric the T-shirt is made of, how the detergent should be used, and so many other details.

Sets it apart from the competition

Marked labels or stickers allow you to recognize your favorite brands quickly on shelves and distinguish bottles or packages.

Promotes your business

Promotional elements like discount coupons and calls to action help facilitate these efforts.

Kinds of Labels

First, you need to determine what type of label you need before you can design it:

1. Address Labels

Sending out company-related correspondence is easier when you design your address labels. Make the label branded with your logo so it looks professional when it's attached to an envelope or package.

2. Call-to-Action Labels

A call-to-action label is a simple sticker you can attach to a product to encourage customers to take action. Most often, they will contain an action phrase and can be either simple or elaborate. Calls to action like “Touch me!” “Smell me!” or “Look closer!” encourage your customer to explore your product and discover the benefits for themselves.

3. Product Labels

Perhaps one of the most common types of labels you are familiar with is product labels. Most products come with labels that describe the product, its ingredients, and its benefits, and include branding.

4. Packaging Stickers

If you ship your products, you can enhance the customer experience by adding packaging stickers on boxes and envelopes. Your logo is a great way to elevate a package with a sticker on the box or an envelope.

5. Name Labels

Customized name labels are another excellent way to create a good impression and stay true to your brand, whether you are attending an event or you just need name tags for your front-facing workers.

The labels we provide at our New Jersey custom label company can easily be applied to existing machine-applied labelers. Our flexible copy position labels can accommodate a variety of automated systems when you have streamlined applications. For further questions on our custom shape labels in NJ or other products, contact us today!

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